-“Cicìtt Blastbeat” T-shirt, 100 pieces, 13 hoodies, 2017.
-Stickers with the design of the collection tape “Grindpunk Bedtime Tales”, 1000 pieces, 2015.
-Pins with LTFR logo, 100 pieces, 2015.
-“Booze grind” T-shirt, 100 pieces, 2015.
-“Alcoholarchy” T-shirt, 50 pieces on b/w and 50 pieces on w/b, 11 hoodies (private edition), 2014.
-Pins with Insomnia Isterica’s logo, 100 pieces, 2013.
-“Pieni di alcool non di talento” T-shirt, 1st print 50 pieces (2012), 2nd print 50 pieces (2013).
-L’è Tütt Folklor Records’ trucker hat, 48 pieces, 2012.
-“Disillusione” T-shirt, printed by Grindfather Production, quantity unknown, 2011.

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