Next IAxIA gigs and split 7″

Hi there!

Last week we had a blast with the 10th anniversary of our label! 16 bands, hundreds of alcoholics and a lot of work for us… Our show was great too, so thanks a lot to everybody for being there.

Next week we’ll play the amazing Grinding Delémont Festival with tons of bands from all over Europe and even the US. I think it’s gonna be one of THE events of the year. Just take a look at the bill!!!

festival delémont-final


The same month we’ll play Bern with FUBAR, Warfuck and Exenteration at the Denk:Mal.


On the 1st of June we’ll be at the Kulturfabrik in Lyss with the gore kings Exhumed, Requiem, Sedative and Nihilo.



Probably, after this we’ll take a short break and we’ll be back in August for a grindcore festival in Zurich.

In the meantime, we are sending our new split 7″ with Exenteration to the pressing plant, therefore be ready to listen to some new stuff soon.




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