Convulsif – “IV” – LP – Out now!


Convulsif‘s new album IV is finally available on vinyl LP.
Get ready for a telluric discharge of pure energy that will please the gods of black metal, doom & drone, avantgarde jazz, grindcore and noise.
This 4-piece from the French part of Switzerland is most probably one of the best bands we’ve encountered in the last years. This is no joke! There’s something special and at the same time menacing hidden in the grooves of this record…!

Get it for 13.- CHF / 12.- € (plus shipping)!

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Short bio:
Convulsif is a collective and band project originally initiated by the bass player Loïc Grobéty. The band focuses to an enriched tension between composition and improvisation in powerful sounds and experiments at the limits of styles and musical languages. With its special and outstanding instrumentation – a classic rhythm section and a heavy amplified, treated violin & bass clarinet – the band goes deep in the sound of the actual rock scene and mix different tendencies to a new unknown conglomerate: Doom, Drone, Black Metal and Noise are played with the means of conceptual improvisation and imposed themes. All colored by a very uncommon instrumentation.

Convulsif are:
Jamasp Jhabvala : violin & electronic / Christian Müller : clarinet & electronic / Loïc Grobéty : bass / Maxime Hänsenberger : drums

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Also brand new is the split 7″ Insomnia Isterica / Grossel!

Insomnia Isterica presents 6 new raging tracks (in Italian, with English translations) mixing blasting and slower parts, dual (triple or even quadruple?) vocals and a lot of mincing punk. Grossel responds with 4 pieces of mincecore in the best tradition of what grindcore is, cavernous growls and satanic incantations.

Insomnia Isterica is always the same people from the South of Switzerland. Grossel shares members with Whoresnation, Doomsisters, Satan, Black Code, etc. from different regions of France.

Both bands enjoy Agathocles, beer and stupid sports like falling from trees, sniffing Ovomaltine and smoking receipts.

Awesome artwork by Huere Giulio as usual, spiritual coordination by Attila.

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Still available:

-4 way split 7″ w/ total f*cking destruction / Coffin Birth / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta

-Insomnia Isterica, “Alcoholarchy”, 7″

-Tuer, “Ivresse & Enfer”, one-sided LP

-Winds Of Disease, “Æsthetics Of Perversions”, LP

-Abaton / Viscera///, collaborative 7″ (last 3 copies!!!)

-Mulo Muto, “Eterna Caduta”, C60 tape

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25.08.12 Insomnia Isterica @ Turbo Mongol – Lausanne

Sabbath 25 suoniamo al Turbo Mongol di Losanna a due passi dalla stazione con due gruppi francesi che stanno guadagnando parecchi complimenti in giro, Whoresnation e Satan. Noi siamo conosciuti solo per l’alcool…

Ovviamente il flyer in quel posto lo fanno tipo 2 giorni prima del concerto, visto che avranno affluenze oceaniche da contenere fra le loro fragili mura. Alègher!


Earth – Sabbath Assembly – Lausanne @ Le Bourg – 24.04.11

Hi there!

Last week I missed a lot of shows as Weedeater and Zoroaster in Delémont and the infamous Cremona a Mano Armata festival. However I had the chance to finally see Earth live and the support act Sabbath Assembly was more than welcome.

I had a quite stressful and intense week with my German buddy Gag of Vomit Bucket Productions who has spent some days with me/us in Switzerland. We’ve recorded some stuff, drank a lot and had great times. Then, on Sunday, we had a great family Easter lunch with my family and 2 hours after GTH, FaBio and I met to go to Lausanne for the ending show of this year’s edition of the interestingly growing Impetus Festival. We were all quite excited but not as for a grindcore show or something you know you are gonna spit blood, feces, vomit and drink like a beast in the service of Lucifer; it was something else. In addition, seeing again the Simplon pass, some snow and breath the incredible good air of our Swiss alps is always enlightning.
Once we arrived in Lausanne we drank some beers (FaBio too!) and moved to the venue. The gig was already sold out since more than 1-2 weeks and the whole atmosphere inside was very promising.
Sabbath Assembly had already started so we took place and enjoy the show and the incredible “savoir faire” of the nice vocalist. Very hippie new age kind a spiritual moves correlated to an angelical/diabolical voice that can rip your heart apart.
Also musicalwise it was just great and I loved the arrangements. The album “Restored To One” was already spinning almost daily at house and my Ipod but this show was, wow!
We took then a break to smoke and get some other beers before Earth started. They are one my favourite bands for sure and I love their entire discography: from the drone, drug driven black holes of the first almigthy years to the incredibly full of energy and peaceful but still sometimes dark new outputs. What can I say? We were just astonished, nobody could even talk and between the whole set, when there was the breaks between song to song, we could just hear clapping and then nothing else. It was like a spiritual trip, a voyage into our inside and then still out on the desolate lands of a desert with only the soft air hitting your body. What a great experience!
To sum up Dylan is a genious, his wife an anti-bulldozer with an incredibly soft touch and peace on drums and the two new additions to the band just work perfectly, the cello draws so many great moments into the web of Dylan repetitions and I can just tell you that it was awesome!
At the end we drank some more beers and headed back home for an interesting and dangerous (?) 7 hours trip.
For sure, one of the greatest shows I’ve ever attended!

If you haven’t heard the new Earth album and/or you don’t know Sabbath Assembly yet, well, do something! They are both purely addictive!