Insomnia Isterica & The People’s Noise Project – Noisecore collaboration (part II) out now!

The new collaborative noisecore session between Insomnia Isterica and The People’s Noise Project is out now on bandcamp!

We are not releasing this on cd-r but you can burn your own cd and print the artwork if you are interested.

Collaborating with Gag was fun as always and we think you will be able to hear that in the session.

Enjoy also the video made by Giulio!



News, gigs, merch


-Split 7” with New York Against The Belzebu (legendary Brazilian grindnoise sickos).
We are gonna work on this later this year. We are very honored to share a 7” with this awesome band.

If you are interested in helping us co-producing it, just let us know!

-new full 7” out soon!
We are currently recording our new full 7”! All the instruments are done and the vocals will be recorded soon. Also for this 7” we are looking for co-producers.

-Split 7” with Maximum Thrash.
Waiting for news from their side…

-4 way Split LP with Sposa In Alto Mare, Archagathus and SMG
More news later.


Insomnia Isterica

-12.04.14: CS()A Il Molino, Lugano (CH)

-19.04.14: Zug (CH)

-31.05.14: Barcelona (Spain)

-07.06.14: CS()A Il Molino, Lugano (CH), Borderland Metal Fest

-13-22.06.14: European tour with Warfuck

Mulo Muto

25.04.14: Klubi, Zurich, with Zolle and Free Nelson Mandoomjazz

17.05.14: Galleria Fuori Orbita, Locarno, with Mombu


New Insomnia Isterica 7″ out soon!
In the meantime, preorder our new t-shirt!


New split 7″ Insomnia Isterica / Exenteration out now!!!

Hi there!

We are very happy to announce that our new split 7″ with Exenteration is out now!
This is our 18th release (I guess…), 6th split 7″ and, more specifically, the 2nd one with another Swiss band after Embalming Theatre. It’s nice to see that also in our tiny Switzerland grindcore is still alive and a serious threat to inner peace.

Thanks a lot to the friends who helped us out:
Marco of Zas Autoproduzioni, Sam of Eastern Blasting Crew, Mänu of Dirt-Fi Records (ex Exenteration bass player) and of course our own labels OMS (by Nagel), Primal Records (by Ray) and ourselves L’è Tütt Folklor Records (it’s healthy to thank yourselves sometimes…).

Write us an e-mail at insomnia_isterica at hotmail dot com or on facebook and buy this piece of cow shit for 5 CHF / 4 €uros.

Please note that the other labels will receive their copies in the next few days.

Cheers and keep it dirty!

Attila & IAxIA & LTFR

PS: Soon we’ll upload our songs on bandcamp.

Split exent outnow

Next IAxIA gigs and split 7″

Hi there!

Last week we had a blast with the 10th anniversary of our label! 16 bands, hundreds of alcoholics and a lot of work for us… Our show was great too, so thanks a lot to everybody for being there.

Next week we’ll play the amazing Grinding Delémont Festival with tons of bands from all over Europe and even the US. I think it’s gonna be one of THE events of the year. Just take a look at the bill!!!

festival delémont-final


The same month we’ll play Bern with FUBAR, Warfuck and Exenteration at the Denk:Mal.


On the 1st of June we’ll be at the Kulturfabrik in Lyss with the gore kings Exhumed, Requiem, Sedative and Nihilo.



Probably, after this we’ll take a short break and we’ll be back in August for a grindcore festival in Zurich.

In the meantime, we are sending our new split 7″ with Exenteration to the pressing plant, therefore be ready to listen to some new stuff soon.




T-Shirt repress and some blablabla…

We are reprinting our last t-shirt design with the alcoholic artwork of the last split 7″ with Terror Firmer after the first run got sold out pretty fast. This time we are also gonna make some pins with the band logo.
Therefore, get in touch if you wanna pre-order one so that we can properly plan the TS sizes order.

The trucker hats with the label design are still available.
Last but not least, still brutally hot and smoking alcoholic fumes, the split 7″ with the almighty Terror Firmer.

By the way, we are celebrating 10 years of L’è Tütt Folklor Records!!! 10 years ago, hidden in the asshole of an alpine valley at 1000 masl, we just started releasing demos of our shitty punk bands on tape and cd-r and it seems we are still wasting our lives and ruining our livers. Waiting for tinnitus and liver failure, we’d still like to unleash some stupid grind bursts always with our lyrics hanging between folklor and dystopic realism.

Thanks to who have supported us and shared some booze with us!

Alègher and l’è tütt folklor!

Attila & co.


New Insomnia Isterica Collection Tape Out Now!!!


A friend put out a collection tape with some of the more recent IAxIA stuff including the 4 last split 7″s plus other releases.

It won’t be available from us, but for Asian grind friends it might be a nice opportunity to support Maximum Noise Records and get some cheese and cows grindcore.

The new split 7″ with Terror Firmer is gonna be out in some days…! Can’t wait for it!




collection tape - maximum noise rec

2 novembre @Bar Tonino, Ponte Tresa


Venerdì 2 novembre torniamo a suonare in Ticino assieme ai Miasma e ai Burst Of Flames presso il Bar Tonino a Ponte Tresa.

Qui l’evento sul faccialibro:

Il nuovo split 7″ è in stampa e si spera faccia la sua apparizione quanto prima.



Next IAxIA gigs and news about new split 7″

Next IAxIA gigs:

-06.10.12 – Bloody Beast Fest III – Torino, Italy
-20.10.12 – GGS31, Winterthur
-02.11.12 – Bar Tonino, Ponte Tresa

The split 7″ with Terror Firmer is ready to be pressed at the pressing plant. Hope it won’t take too long…

Cheers, beers and cheese!



First event on fuckbook:

Looking for co-producers for split 7″ w/ Terror Firmer

We’re still looking for some co-producers for our new split 7″ with Terror Firmer from Italy.
We’d like to press 500 copies (400 x black, 100x coloured) with full colour artwork and so on.

Please let me know if you are interested. I can even send you some songs and the front cover as preview.
The price per copy (without shipping costs) should be around 1.8-2 euro. I’m waiting for a more precise quote from the pressing plant but I think it should not be very diverse.

Thanks for you time and cheers!

PS: here’s a video with one of the songs that will be on the record: