Tesín, “Demo MMXVIII” + L’Urlo Di Chen / Dukov tapes out now!

tesín-UDC-dukov_tapes out now.jpg

TESÍN, “DEMO MMXVIII” on pro-dubbed cassette tape, including a 5 panel J-card and a slipcase.

Tesín is a black metal band from the South of Switzerland dealing with linguistic, cultural, historic and geographic topics; the negative anthropic influence forced on the territory, on minds and on souls.

Tesín isn’t a technical band, Tesín doesn’t follow trends; Tesín is just metal tinged of black sung in Italian and dialect. We expect nothing beside death.

Un sentiero buio, monotono, da percorrere a testa bassa, che consente qualche deviazione ma non ammette depistaggi; che per ogni solco impresso emana il solito tanfo di vecchio; dove s’incontrano, come ombre, fatalità e disinganno.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Attila in the plains and valleys of Tesín.

Instruments recorded with a 4 track Tascam Portastudio, hatred and invocations recorded digitally.

Front cover by Laura Gallé, layout by Huere Giulio.

Available now from L’è Tütt Folklor Records and Red Wine Rites Records for 6 CHF (plus shipping):



L’Urlo Di Chen / Dukov, split tape.

This is probably the best sounding L’UDC release and I’m very impressed by the production value. The combination of Swedish death metal guitars with the steady and hammering drumming is just a pure joy to bang your head along to. The bass work of the Slavo and the never-ending stream of hatred provided by Giulio are the final pieces that make these 7 minutes of metallic crust hardcore worth more than you may think. We all still struggle to define the genre; just take a listen and decide for yourself.
Dukov from Palermo play powerviolence and although their recordings are not as powerful as those of L’UDC, they are still a very enjoyable listen that will also leave a cynic smile on the face of the listener.

Una dose eccessiva di film, videogame, umorismo cazzaro e incivile, incapsulate in rumorismi metalpunk/grind/thrashcore, uniscono ‘lo sforzo’ (schwartz!) per sostenere solo cause perse. Quando non si è mai contenti di niente e ci si annoia da sempre o si invoca la piogga sotto il sole e il sole quando piove, oppure si risponde per le rime alla demenzialità di quanto si vive ogni giorno.

50 copies on transparent brown shells plus pro artwork.

Recorded by Giulia Di Simone, mixed and mastered by Mirko Gigi (Insomnia Isterica).
Recorded and mixed by Laspy at Dukov’s rehearsal room and at home.

Artwork and layout by Huere Giulio. Dubbing by Attila Folklor.

CHF 5.- / € 4.50 (plus shipping).

Released by:

L’è Tütt Folklor Records
Red Wine Rites Records

Hi there!
We have 2 new releases out and we are very proud and happy about them. Soon the split tape Insomnia Isterica / Sposa In Alto Mare will also be available.
Here some updates about our current activities:
-Insomnia Isterica: we are working on many new songs. Hopefully we’ll start recording some new stuff this Fall.
-Mulo Muto: the latest album “Decomposing Cacophonies” is still available. Soon 2 new releases (1x collaboration, 1x split) will come out on a Spaniard and an Italian label.
-MeVdA: a new cassette tape should come out soon on a Swiss label. New recordings are taking shape.

We still have records and t-shirts available. Just check the distro list here:

Thanks for your support and cheers!

Attila & co.





L’Urlo Di Chen, S/T Demo Tape out now!

L'UDC_promo flyer_Blocher
Süperbe Promo Video:
5 CHF / 4.50 €uro (w/o shipping): write to insomnia_isterica@hotmail.com / Facebook / Bandcamp if you like giving money to them and Paypal…

Enjoy and don’t take life too seriously!


L'UDC_promo flyer

NEWS: Eurotour w/ Warfuck, new t-shirt and ANF LP


Busy times for us.

In June we are leaving to tour with our French fried friends Warfuck. We still need some help (see flyer).

Our new t-shirts are now available in two colours. Get yours for 15 CHF / 12 € plus shipping!

ts 2014_ad

We also have another new release out! Eventually we got our copies of the debut LP of ANF (Always Never Fun), power violence from Palermo (Italy)! I can’t recommend this piece of wax enough! It’s just awesome!



New Gokurtrussell tape out now!

gkr tape_out now

The new and last ever recordings of Gokurtrussell are now out on tape!

Gokurtrussell was a fastcore side project of Insomnia Isterica including all three members plus the addition of Fabio. We had never been able to play live very often and/or leave a tangible mark on the “scene”, but it had always been a special band for us because of the uneasy times during its existence.
Uneasiness, misanthropy and the difficulty to fit to the standards of society had been our driving forces in addition to the clear goal of trying to have fun out of playing among friends.

These are our last recordings collected on a C15 Computape and available also on streaming on bandcamp. 18 songs full of raging honesty under 12 minutes for a total fastcore trouble.

GKR_front and back_tape



Get it for 5 CHF / 4 Euro by writing an e-mail to insomnia_isterica@hotmail.com and in the meanwhile enjoy it on streaming and on free download on bandcamp:

Here’s also the new videoclip of “La Tua Vita È Triste” and the video of a live show:

Thanks for the uneasiness and the cart madness and l’è tütt folklor!

Attila & co.

Podcast intervista a Radio Sherwood + Concerti


È disponibile in streaming e download l’intervista a noi Insomnia Isterica fatta dai ragazzi di A Dispetto Della Discrezione per Radio Sherwood.

Ignoranza, peti, rutti, birrini dappertutto e troiate varie. Ce n’è per tutti i cattivi gusti. Buon ascolto!


Vi ricordo anche le prossime date Insomnia Isterica:

-sabato 08.02.12 al Kulturfabrik di Wetzikon con Firebreather e PxNxGx


-sabato 18.02.12 al CS()A Il Molino di Lugano con Exenteration, PxNxGx e Taste Of Blood


-sabato 25.02.12 alla Reitschule di Berna con Exenteration e Unhaim


A breve torneremo a suonare live anche con i Gokurtrussell. Preparatevi alla velocità!

Fanculo il carnevale e W il vero casino!


Insomnia Isterica / Alfatec / F.U.G. Live in Fiaska – CS()A Il Molino // Intervista ai Kazamate di Giulio The Huere

Uff! Grande noia e stanchezza frammista a qualche vagito di allegria e gioia.

Sto scrivendo e leggendo troppo e non vedo l’ora di sabato per fare un po’ di bel casino in compagnia di fiorentini e palermitani per l’occasione in Fiaska insieme a noi decerebrati degli Insomnia Isterica.

Non andate nei soliti posti di merda a maledire la gente e i prezzi troppo alti! Venite al Molino che fa anche bene all’intestino!

Presente anche la nostra distro. Ci servono i soldini per le prossime uscite…

Qui l’evento sul facciabuko. Non fate caso alla vecchia versione del flyer proposto qui.

Vi segnalo anche la pubblicazione dell’intervista ai bellissimi Kazamate in merito al loro tour in Indonesia. Da non perdere sul blööörrrggghhh del Giulio!









Our Stuff

-Insomnia Isterica / Agathocles, “Punk Attitude”, 7” split coproduced with other labels. I’m very happy and proud of this EP. xIAxIAx revisit 4 songs of their previous 4 fast hardcore punk bands with a grind vein and the mighty mince kings AG deliver 3 brand new brutal and mincing songs. All comes with an awesome artwork. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x left!!! No trades

-Insomnia Isterica / Gokurtrussell, “Disillusione”, Split EP, 2010. New release for IAxIA following some new powerful grind paths while keeping a strong punk attitude and first release ever for GKR: extreme fastcore or blastbeat punk as they like to call it with 3/4 of IAxIA members. Incredible artwork which explains the whole dystopic atmosphere of this record. 6 CHF / 4 €uro

Other Stuff

-Agathocles, “Bombing The Shelters Of Delémont”, EP. Live recording taken on March 13th 2010 in Switzerland. We had the pleasure to play with them that night and I can assure you that this is a great represantion of the live fury of AG. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Agathocles, “Minced In Piracicaba, Brazil 2007. Live recording taken during the AG South American tour. A lot of great songs to get your brain minced. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Agathocles / Tsubo, split EP. Another super split between mince kings AG and one of the most powerful Italian bands. Recommended! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Anti Social Degenerates / Slapendehonden, split EP. Anarcho punk veterans VS Dutch grind hc power machine. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Cornucopia / Drunkard, split EP. Grind hc from Belgium and Australia. Do you need other explanations?. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Dead Stare / Hummingbird Of Death, split EP. Really cool fastcore without compromises. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Denak / Hypoptalasias, split EP. Pure cult, pure chaos, pure passion. What else?! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Deprogrammazione / Sposa In Alto Mare, split EP. Smart black grindcore VS demential grindcore both from Italy. Another great co-release. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Disleksick / Paucities, split EP. Wonderful split between two very talented band, especially Dx. Strictly limited to 100 copies, so be fast! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Dispersiaa / Sakatat, split EP. Undisputably one of the best releases of 2010! This is raw fucking grindcore in your face! 6 Fr / 4 €uro

-Flatout, “Westbay Fastercore”, EP. The title already says all… You know what you are gonna get. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Godstomper / Barbarian Lord, split EP. A really long sludgy song for Godstomper VS random ultra chaotic stuff. I love it! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
3x Left

-Intestinal Disease / Disjonctor, split EP. Old school music for all ages! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Jean Luis Costes / Mental Terrorism Hygiene Orchestra, split EP. Crazy, noisy, d’chanteure, controversial split with sick artwork. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
3x Left

-Lymphatic Phlegm / 2 Minuta Dreka, split EP. Two heavy weights meet for a gore party. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
5x Left

-Nab, “Collage Di Un Delirio”, EP. Amazing grindcore from Italy. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Obsesif Kompulsif / Shaolin Finger Jabbs, split EP. Very cool new split from Indonesia and the USA. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Paskuda / Depresy Mouse, split EP. 2 great bands from Slovakia and Czech Republic. Old school stuff! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-P.N.S., “Live In Peace Or Die In War”, EP. Hardcore from Czech Republic. Cool packaging. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Pulmonary Fibrosis / Embalming Theatre, split EP. Great new release between French gore trafficants and Swiss super heroes! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Quarto Potere / Olim Palus, split EP. Crust and d-beat holocaust. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Repulsione / SMG, split EP. New split EP between two ultra active and cult bands joining their forces to bring some more noise to the world. Awesome! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Screaming Afterbirth / Reinfection, “Uncovered Brutality” / “Grind – Live”. A good and “unusual” split with the first band doing some cover songs and the second with some live tunes. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

CD’S, pro CD-r’s and CD-r’s

Our Stuff

-Asfissia / Huere Fattoni, “Soci da Merda”, Split CD-R, 2005. Old school punk hxc and totally demented punk-core. Recorded in Muralto and in the “Huere Locale” in Auressio during 2005. A must have for every punk hc feticist! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Behind The Mirror, “Mors Tua Vita Mea”. Full length cd, 2010. Debut album of the only thrashcore band from the deep south of Switzerland. 10 Fr / 7 €uro

-Brigata Resistenza, “Il cantiere”, 2005. Limited edition demo on CD-R format. Includes “Il blues del cameriere”. Raw and poorly recorded in the “Locale della Brigata” in Comologno someday during the summer of 2005. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro

-ClitHörrids / Huere Fattoni, “Split”, CD-R,2006. Split demo. Raw shit for your asses! Crust VS Punk Hardcore! Recorded in the “Huere Locale” in Auressio during 2006. Believe me: from shit comes gold! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Desperation, “Young Man”, pro CD, 2009, Switzerland. This is an incredible piece of pure dark death metal in a very personal way. You’ll be blown away by the power of the music and the lyrics. Not the usual band for sure. 10 Fr / 7 €uro

-Diorrhea, “B-XVI”, CD,2008. First full length of this killer italian grind band. Fast grindcore without compromises. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-Eternal Mystery VS Insomnia Isterica, split CD-R 2008. Ultra vibrating and smashing grind attack from the US and Switzerland. 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Fleischwald / Insomnia Isterica / Behind The Mirror, XXIV / VII / IV, 3 way split pro CD-R, 2009. Blowing 3 way split featuring Fx from Bolzano (Italy), xIAxIAx from Huere Tessin (Switzerland) and Behind The Mirror (Switzerland) with their first release. A totally DIY conspiracy with very enjoyable tracks for your children and dogs! It comes with pro printed artwork. 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Huere Fattoni, “L’è propi roba da Huere”, CD-R, 2004. 1st full length. Raw and old school punk hardcore. Recorded in the “Huere Locale” in Auressio in 2004. 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Huere Fattoni, “Cattiveria Pura”, CD-R, 2005. 2nd full length. Raw and old school sound. More technically structured songs and good sonic experience. Recorded in the “Huere Locale” in Auressio in 2005. 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Insomnia Isterica, “EP, Extended Penis”, CD-R, 2007. First release. Raw noisy tessiner grindcöre really good inspired and vomited. 18 tracks for 53 minutes of pure insane and demential grindcöre! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Insomnia Isterica VS Vomitous Discharge, split CD-R, 2008. A smashing crash of grind from Switzerland and goregrind from Germany collapsed on one CD. No compromises for this sick combo legacy. Trade/Buy/Die!! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Insomnia Isterica, “ATB & Fashion Boy in “The Night Of The Living Sess(ion)””, CD-R, 2007-2008. Crazy rehersal record with material of Insomnia Isterica, Asfissia, Brigata Resistenza and others. Good quality and funny art cover. A must for every old school sick lover!! DIY at its best! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-The Coming Fall, “Rifugi”, CD, 2009, coproduced with other labels. Great and fine hardcore with very interesting riffs and good lyrics. A must have! 8 Fr / 5 €uro

– V.A., “L’è Tütt Folklor Records Autoproduzione History Compilaton 2003-2006”, 2x CD-R, 2007. Feat. Brigata Resistenza, Huere Fattoni, Clithorrids, Asfissia. Punk-hc, Crust, Folkisch Punk, etc. The definitive DIY compilation for old school and DIY lovers! Just buy this release! 10 Fr / 6 €uro

Other Stuff

-Ablach, “Aon”. Great debut album of this scottish band with ex members of Filthpact and Bonesaw. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
2x Left

-Antidemon, “Anel De Demonichaos Live”. Live CD-r, 2009. Great live record of this brazilian band during their last European tour. Recommended! 5 Fr / 3 €uro
3x Left

-Antisexy, “El Lurido”, CD. Fast, angry, good! 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-Army Of Angry Youth, “Nobody Moves Nobody Gets Hurt”, 2009. The new album of a great Italian hardcore band. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-Bordel Sonore, “The Ultimate Bordelik Symphony”, full length pro cd-r, 2009. Crazy noisegrindcore from France. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Bordel Sonore / Patator, split pro cd-r. Great and entertaining noisegrind punk from France. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Caveja, “Commercial Dubbing”, CD-R with pro printed artwork, 2008. Various interesting cover versions of well known ever green metal songs. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Collapse, “The Messenger”, pro cd-r. Brutal fucking death metal! No other words are necessary. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Congenital Interior Defects, “Mucogranulent Amorphia”, CD-r. Ultra sick noisy goregrind à la Urine Festival. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Contrast / Noiserazor / Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment / Rectal Cumshot, “Let’s rot…”, 4 way split with ultra sick bands. Great full color artwork. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Cum Sock, “Demo”, CD-R. noisy grind. 2,50 Fr / 1,50 €uro
3x Left

-Cum Sock / Pagan Fire, split CD-r. Canadian VS Philippines party people. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro
1x Left

-Deprogrammazione, “Non Esiste”, full length CD, 2008. An intense mix of grindcore and old school black metal with deep lyrics and minimalistic art work. Another great band from Italy. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
2x Left

-Disforia / Bloodraised, “In Grind We Crust”, split CD. Both bands play great music and both are fucking angry! You can’t be wrong with this piece of plastic! 10 Fr / 7 €uro
5x Left

-Drunk Killer / Exutory, split cd-r. Good stuff from both bands. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
3x Left

-Entact, “Entact”, CD, 2009. Hardcore punk in your face! 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-Exumed Atrocity / The People’s Noise Project / Radiologist, “Kill The Bastard”, 3 way split cd-r. Alien gorenoise vs. old-school noisecore from Germany vs. warnoise from the Netherlands, 10-13 min by each band… Very extreme release to blow out your brain!! DIY CD-R with 2-page layout on pale green paper, limited to 75 copies! 5 Fr / 3 €uro
2x Left

-Fleischwald, “Global Intoxication”, CD-r. Another great and powerful release from the alps. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Gerbophilia, “Militeratogene”. A really good piece of Swiss grindcore and insanity. Great songs, crazy vocals and good humour. The artwork is just as good as hilarious. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
4x Left

-Idiot Savant, “Discography”, pro CD with handmade cover and insert. Cool stuff from this German hardcore act. 7 Fr / 5 €uro
1x Left

-Heaving Earth, “Visions Of The Vultures”. Old school death metal from Czech Republic. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro
3x Left

-Mesrine / Plague Rages, split CD. A bunch of Brazilian record labels joining forces to release this masterpiece of old’fucking’school Grindcore!! Legendary MESRINE smashes our bones with its remarkable Canadian Grind of heavy as blunt riffs, inhuman vokills, relentless blastbeats and catchy grooves!! Brazilian veterans of PLAGUE RAGES prove to us that they are in their best with more good and old Grindcore, and no bullshit!! 10 Fr / 7 €uro
2x Left

-Morgue Supplier, “Constant Negative”, pro CD. Intense death metal from the USA. Recommended! 10 Fr / 7 €uro
2x Left

-Musikantenstadlmassaker / Vomitous Discharge, “Ahnenfurz” / “Enough Is Enough…”, split pro CD-r released by Vomit Bucket Productions. Absolutely insane electro stupid noise assholism and great grindcore from Germany with Ulcerrhoea cover. Limited to 250 copies!! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium, “Fluxthroat”, full length CD, 2009. Professional factory-printed CD, groovy goregrind without guitar from Czech Rep. Funny & groovy grindin’ sound! 10 Fr / 7€uro
3x Left

-Offal / Bowel Fetus, split MCD released by The Hole Prods. Prepare yourself for the ultimated blood curdling experience! OFFAL is back with another release of gut disgorging gurgles, eye bleeding riffs, skeleton smashing beats and the band’s unique 70’s and 80’s slashing terror mood to make Autopsy and Impetigo worshippers defecate in ecstasy!! Spliting this piece of plastic with Brazilian Gore/Death zombies; BOWEL FETUS vomits upon us the most disgusting and heaviest Doom and Gore hybrid ever gurgled. The band’s first recording with a real drummer; this Aussie duo is unique as Autopsy and Disembowelment downtuned to the limits to twist your viscera and mangle your cranium!! Amazing barrage of sewer doomy Gore!! To keep the ‘old-school’ vibe, this one comes in a beautiful blood red vinyl-CD. 7,50 Fr / 5 €uro
1x Left

-Orifice, “Live At Pida’s Peep Show Club”, CD-R with pro printed artwork. Great shit from Italy. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
4x Left

-Ovaryrot, “Licentious Hysterectomy”, Cd-r. This is the first release of a friend of mine’s label and he made the right thing… Cool goregrind from Sweden. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
3x Left

-Protestant, “As Dead As We Look”, pro CD. Really cool (real) hardcore from the USA. No bullshit here! 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-ShitFuckingShit / The People’s Noise Project, “Cannibal Delicacies”, split CD-r. Just senseless shitcore (almost 4 min) & extreme noisecore (almost 7 min) from Italy and Germany, nothing else! This is the most extreme TPNP session so far and sadly the last SFS session for now. DIY CD-R with black-on-orange 2-page layout, limited to 50 copies. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Sordid, “Sordid Remains”. Australian grindcore with a sick sick humour and artwork. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-Sore, “Gruesome Pillowbook Tales”, pro CD. Death metal the way it should be! This guys from Germany really know how to push sick music to the next level. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-Splattered Nachos, “The Ultimate Ranz Session”, CD-R. 1 hour improvisation-session (4 tracks), noisecore and some other weird music stuff with a super raw but aggressive sound! This is RANZCORE!!!
Finally out now after almost 1 year of delays, total underground DIY CD-R with a 2-page b/w layout featuring superb artwork (?!) of both JuVo and Gag, and there were only 33 copies available!! 5 Fr / 3 €uro
2x Left

-The People’s Noise Project / Psychotic Sufferance / Whorifik / VRV, “Welcome to Noise-Island!”, split CD-R. This split presents 4 different styles of underground noise from all around the world: noisecore from Germany, noisegrind from Malaysia, harsh noise from Brazil & gorenoise from Belgium! It comes as DIY CD-R with a 4-page beach layout, xeroxed on sand-colored paper, limited to 100 copies. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
3x Left

-Vomitous Discharge, “Festering Carcass covered with Rot” , MCD – 2007, professional factory-printed CD-R, 4-page full color booklet, slimcase, limited to 200 numbered copies 14 tracks, 25 minutes. Mini album containing a big amount of the tracks recorded during a 2-month session. The sound is tons better than on the demo, the material was also mixed and mastered. Raw old-school goregrind with some death metal and punk influences. 8,50 Fr / 5 €uro
1x Left

-Vomitous Discharge, “Excavation of Rarities”, CD-R. A collection of rather rare recordings, feat. the trax from the 10-way floppy disk and Extreme Records sampler, the 2 trax from the “15-ways Porn Gore Grind” split CD, the entire “Severe Head Trauma” demo (but this time mixed and mastered!) and a new song. It’s a good release to hear the evolution of VxDx over the past 3 years on one CD. 15 songs in 24 minutes! DIY CD-R w/ 2-page black on red layout, artwork drawn by Gag. 150 copies. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
3x Left

-Von Boom / Motorbreath, split CD. 2x D-beat and crust to the max volume from Sweden. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-VVAA, “Necrotic Records Compilation Vol. 2”, full length CD. Pro compilation with a lot of extreme bands under this american label. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
1x Left

-VVAA, “European Fastness – A Grindcore Compilation”. 5 way Split CD with really great fast bands. This is gonna blow your brain out! 10 Fr / 7 €uro
4x Left

-VVAA, “Tribute To Last Days Of Humanity”. The ultimate tribute CD to the ultimate gore masters. Ultra pro quality and great bands. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
2x Left


Our Stuff

-Brigata Resistenza, “Se quesct l’è mia folklor…”, 2004. Full length demo tape. Folkisch Punk! Very raw and old school quality. Recorded in the “Locale della Brigata” in Comologno in the first months of 2004. 4 Fr / 3 €uro
2x Left!!

-Compost / Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, “Split Tape”. Vegetal porn grind VS porn grindnoise. 4 Fr / 3 €uro

-Eternal Mystery VS Insomnia Isterica, split tape 2008. Ultra vibrating and smashing grind attack from the US and Switzerland. 4 Fr / 3 €uro

Other Stuff

-2 Minuta Dreka, “S/T Demo Tape”. Repress of the first demo tape featuring 2MD in the early noisecore days. 4 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Anal Massaker / Napalm Noise, split tape. You get what you deserve: anal massaker and a napalm shower. You are warned… 4 Fr / 3 €uro
3x Left

-Carnivore Mind, Peste Uterina – Vomit Remnants”. A good piece of brutality. Comes with pro artwork. 4 Fr / 3 €uro
3x Left

-Deche-Charge / Anal Colic, split tape. Another piece of pure and joyful noisecore. Chaos non musica! 4 Fr / 3 €uro
4x Left

-Depression / Paganizer, split tape with pro artwork. 2 kicking ass death grind bands that will make your head explode. 4 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Permanent Death / Bestial Vomit, split tape between this two sickos bands hailing from Belgium and Italy. 4 Fr / 3 €uro
5x Left

-Ritual Mord, “Black Metal Punks”. The title talks for itself; you know what to expect. 4 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Sakatat, “Live at Obscene Extreme Fest 2008”. Great live recording of one of the best bands around. Pro cover. 4 Fr / 3 €uro
7x Left

-VVAA, “Lo-Fi Or Die! – Lo-Fi Grindcore Compilation, Vol. 1”. Featuring 9 acts from different countries (Insomnia Isterica, Sakatat, SMG, Dispersiaa, PNG, Terror Firmer, Lt. Dan, Rust, Compulsion To Kill). A total grind chaos! Get it now! 4 Fr / 3 €uro
approx. 14x Left

Links and contacts

Website: insomnia-isterica.tk

Myspace: myspace.com/xinsomniaxistericax

E-mail: insomnia_isterica@hotmail.com

Address: Attilio Rizzoli – Badenerstr. 649 – 8048 Zürich (Switzerland)


Risorto dalla melma – M:40 – un fucile di precisione per tutti!

E porca vacca, ne è passato di tempo e fra fanzine, musica suonata ed ascoltata e quanto noi sappiamo ma ignoriamo non ho più avuto nemmeno voglia di scrivere sul blorghozzolo. Lasciamo poi perdere gli impegni “veri” (?) e gli scazzi vari che ormai sono sempre simpatici e lasciano vivere con un grande spirito positivo… Poi mi è venuto in mente di segnalarvi questo simpatico gruppo che ho già fatto sentire a Fabio e GTH.

M:40, “Historiens Svarta Vingslag”, 2007

Come aveva ben predetto il saggissimo e magnanimo GTH (Giulio The Hulk) i signorini in questione sono svedesi tutto sapone e rasta biondi-marroni (il marrone credo non sia dovuto ai riflessi) e fanno uno pelo pelo crüüüst.
La loro musica è trascinante e da fischiettare con passione; infatti si dilettano e dimenano con melodie dal sapore black nordico che scatenano un bisogno di romanticismo e voglia di amore con i bradipi e i cani crust. La prima volta che li ho sentiti mi hanno ricordato molto i Personkrest 3.1 che ci aveva fatto conoscere l’Huere col suo bel video di speranza e faccine nella sabbia e quindi la garanzia è direi assolutamente compresa con il click semplice del vostro topo.
Momenti di rabbia e disperazione si alternano a periodi di apparente calma eterea e arpeggi rilassanti che sfociano poi a loro volta nello scazzo generale e in grida di amore solenne.
Un ottimo gruppo che pubblicizza al meglio l’omicidio politico…

Sto aspettando la continuazione di un interessante video della Nasa che mi piacerebbe segnalarvi in futuro. Aspetto però che escano le prossime puntate affinché possa esporvelo in maniera un po’ coerente e cosciente.

Per il resto guardatevi tutti il pianeta delle scimmie e immaginate un mondo senza esseri umani sostituiti da altri coglioni evoluzionisti scientisti-pseudo-religiosi che fanno casino come noi. Questo per dire che la cacca resta sempre cacca e che le scimmie puzzano e fanno dei versi strani anche se sono certo che Fafi trova ciò molto interessante ed arrapante.


PS: oggi ho visto Videocracy. Forse spenderò qualche parola su culi, tette e mercenari dell’osceno nella prossima puntata.

PS2: ho visto che tutti i miei vecchi link non funzionano più perché sono scaduti, quindi se qualcuno è interessato a robe che avevo postato in precedenza me lo faccia sapere.


Ola belle signorine con le gonnelle di flanella sintetica!

Sono stato un po’ busy coi giochini pissing e non ho avuto il tempo di aggiornare il mIO bellissimissimo e strautilissimo bloggo, ma sono tornato per darvi un ottimo apporto di buona musica.
Visto che ho l’impressione che non ha senso proporre anche due, tre cose alla volta, ho deciso, diciamo in via esclusiva, di concentrarmi su una cosa sola. Spero apprezzerete.
Per il prossimo post, che uscirà senz’altro a breve, ci sarà ancora bella roba che è già lì, pronta per essere condivisa.

pfoto-179Questa band l’ho conosciuta principalmente grazie agli Agathocles, poi mi sono dato da fare cercando qua e là e sono infine riuscito a comprare la seconda edizione già diventata introvabile di questo bel 7″ di puro hardcore vecchia maniera.
Gli olandesi Pandemonium insieme a Gepopel e Lärm (se dimostrete interesse ho anche questi due gruppi da condividere) hanno rappresentato cosa voleva dire fare la müsica hardcore in europa insieme alla scuoletta italiana e quella svedese quindi credo valga la pena di non essere scartato.
Sono sicuro che non piacerà a tutti ma non è questo il punto. Sfruttate l’opportunità di dargli un ascolto e, visto che ho scansionato anche gli interni, leggetevi i testi. Trovate tutto nell’archivio insieme a musica e copertina.
Note: Uscito originalmente nel’85 è stato finalmente ristampato ed è riandato a ruba nuovamente.
Per essere corretto, il rip non è mio visto che non mi è possibile farne. L’ho gentilmente preso e basta da una brava persona.
Anche se è già state più volte segnalato ed è in bella vista fra i miei link, vi rimando nuovamente alla clemenza di questo blog davvero potente gestito da un ex powerful fighi potenti ultra Fear Of God. Da qui potete trovare anche un’altra uscita come minimo dei Pandemonium, basta usare la funzione di ricerca in alto a sinistra.

La copertina è stupenda, non trovate ?! ahahahah







Buon ascolto e a presto!