Next Insomnia Isterica and Mulo Muto gigs

-Next Mulo Muto’s rituals:

08.11.2014 @ SAS, Delémont, w/ Convulsif Big Band, Lord ANUS and Shemorroïdindumbhate

05.12.2014 @ CS()A Il Molino, Lugano, w/ FUOCO FATUO, Special guest

-Next Insomnia Isterica’s gig:

14.11.14 @ Gaswerk, Winterthur, w/ Embalming Theatre and Mycelia

Next IAxIA gigs and news about new split 7″

Next IAxIA gigs:

-06.10.12 – Bloody Beast Fest III – Torino, Italy
-20.10.12 – GGS31, Winterthur
-02.11.12 – Bar Tonino, Ponte Tresa

The split 7″ with Terror Firmer is ready to be pressed at the pressing plant. Hope it won’t take too long…

Cheers, beers and cheese!



First event on fuckbook:

24.07.12 Concert in Winterthur with Sakatat and PxNxGx!


Martedì 24 luglio dalle 21:00 concerto grinddde al GGS31 (General Guisan Strasse 31) a Winterthur!



Am Dienstag den 24. Juli ab 21 Uhr grind Konzert am GGS31 ((General Guisan Strasse 31) in Winterthur!

Komm vorbei!


Event on Fuckbook:

SAKATAT – Grindcore from Turkey

PxNxGx – Grindcore from Solothurn

InsomniA IstericA – Grindcore from Huere Tessin