T-Shirt repress and some blablabla…

We are reprinting our last t-shirt design with the alcoholic artwork of the last split 7″ with Terror Firmer after the first run got sold out pretty fast. This time we are also gonna make some pins with the band logo.
Therefore, get in touch if you wanna pre-order one so that we can properly plan the TS sizes order.

The trucker hats with the label design are still available.
Last but not least, still brutally hot and smoking alcoholic fumes, the split 7″ with the almighty Terror Firmer.

By the way, we are celebrating 10 years of L’è Tütt Folklor Records!!! 10 years ago, hidden in the asshole of an alpine valley at 1000 masl, we just started releasing demos of our shitty punk bands on tape and cd-r and it seems we are still wasting our lives and ruining our livers. Waiting for tinnitus and liver failure, we’d still like to unleash some stupid grind bursts always with our lyrics hanging between folklor and dystopic realism.

Thanks to who have supported us and shared some booze with us!

Alègher and l’è tütt folklor!

Attila & co.


Roba sludge e stoner psichedelico in Fiaska! – 19.05.12

Probabilmente non ci sarò, ma vorrei tanto poterci andare… Almeno voi non sprecate quest’opportunità!


Il giorno prima Sleep a Berna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Insomnia Isterica recordings + Black metal gig in Lugano

Hi there!

We are currently recording for 2-3 new split 7″s due for release in the next months. We are quite excited about how it’s coming out and we hope you’ll like the new releases.


Per i ticinesi e gli italiani della padania allegra:

Venerdì concerto black metal al CS()A Il Molino di Lugano con due gruppi dal Canada. Meglio venire che stare a casa a sclerare sulla propria triste vita.