4 way split CD w/ Insomnia Isterica / Disact / Steak With Blood / Mucus


Spontaneous Urination Records (Russia) recently released a 4way split CD that was supposed to come out some years ago. This was a nice and unplanned surprise. We’ll get our copies soon.


It’s cool to point out that our old vocalist Fafo is on these recordings too. In fact, we recorded this in 2011 and it also contains a song from the session for the split 7″ with Embalming Theatre (recorded in 2010).

Thanks to Vladimir (SUR), Disact, Steak With Blood and Mucus.

If you are interested in getting this CD just let us know via e-mail at insomnia_isterica@hotmail.com.

We’ll post bandcamp links, etc. once we’ll get our copies.