LTFR Distro List – Updated mid November 08

L’è Tütt Folklor Records Autoproduzione Distro List


-Eternal Mystery VS Insomnia Isterica, split CD-R 2008. Ultra vibrating and smashing grind attack from the US and Switzerland. 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Insomnia Isterica, “EP, Extended Penis”, 2007. First release. Raw noisy tessiner grindcöre really good inspired and vomited. 18 tracks for 53 minutes of pure insane and demential grindcöre! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Insomnia Isterica VS Vomitous Discharge, split CD, 2008. A smashing crash of grind from Switzerland and goregrind from Germany collapsed on one CD. No compromises for this sick combo legacy. Trade/Buy/Die!! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Insomnia Isterica VS Space Tractors, “Grindcore and Crazy Hillbilly From The Deep South Of Switzerland”, split CD, 2007. For the first time grindcore meets country-rockabilly music! Also new sick tracks of xIAxIAx. Totally demented! 5 Fr / 3 €uro
Sold Out

-Diorrhea, “B-XVI”, 2008. First full lenght of this killer italian grind band. Fast grindcore without compromises. 10 Fr / 7 €uro

-Insomnia Isterica, “ATB & Fashion Boy in “The Night Of The Living Sess(ion)””, 2007-2008. Crazy rehersal record with material of Insomnia Isterica, Asfissia, Brigata Resistenza and others. Good quality and funny art cover. A must for every old school sick lover!! DIY at its best! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

– V.A., “L’è Tütt Folklor Records Autoproduzione History Compilaton 2003-2006”, 2007. Feat. Brigata Resistenza, Huere Fattoni, Clithorrids, Asfissia. Punk-hc, Crust, Folkisch Punk, etc. The definitive DIY compilation for old school and DIY lovers! Just buy this release!
10 Fr / 6 €uro

-Brigata Resistenza, “Il cantiere”, 2005. Limited edition demo on CD format. Includes “Il blues del cameriere”. Raw and poorly recorded in the “Locale della Brigata” in Comologno someday during the summer of 2005. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro

-Huere Fattoni, “L’è propi roba da Huere”, 2004. 1st full length. Raw and old school punk hardcore. Recorded in the “Huere Locale” in Auressio in 2004. 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Huere Fattoni, “Cattiveria Pura”, 2005. 2nd full length. Raw and old school sound.
More technically structured songs and good sonic experience. Recorded in the “Huere Locale” in Auressio in 2005. 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-Asfissia / Huere Fattoni, “Soci da Merda”, 2005. Split demo. Old school punk hxc and totally demented punk-core. Recorded in Muralto and in the “Huere Locale” in Auressio during 2005. A must have for every punk hc feticist! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

-ClitHörrids / Huere Fattoni, “Split”, 2006. Split demo. Raw shit for your asses! Crust VS Punk Hardcore! Recorded in the “Huere Locale” in Auressio during 2006. Believe me: from shit comes gold! 5 Fr / 3 €uro

Other Stuff

-Cause Of Divorce, “Phobophobie”, 2007. Great grindcore from Germany! 5 Fr / 3 €uro
2x Left!

-Rectal Cumshot VS Amputee Masturbation, “split”. Insane porngoregrind. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Orifice, “Live At Pida’s Peep Show Club”, CD-R with pro printed artwork. Great shit from Italy. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
3x Left

-Caveja, “Commercial Dubbing”, CD-R with pro printed artwork, 2008. Various interesting cover versions of well known ever green metal songs. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Noituus / Melanocetus Murrayi / Praia De Vomito, “Santificado Seja Nosso Cåncer”, 3-way split CD-R. Absolutely crazy 3-way for this crust, noise and grindcore bands hailing from Finland, Greece and Brazil. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Cum Sock, “Demo”, CD-R. noisy grind. 2,50 Fr / 1,50 €uro
2x Left

-Noituus, “Ryystä Kuin Peto”, finnish crust. 2,50 Fr / 1,50 €uro
1x Left

-Cü Sujo / Hit Me Back, split CD-r between this 2 Brazilian forces. 5 Fr / 3 €uro
1x Left

-Musikantenstadlmassaker / Vomitous Discharge, “Ahnenfurz” / “Enough Is Enough…”, split pro CD-r released by Vomit Bucket Productions. Absolutely insane electro stupid noise assholism and great grindcore from Germany with Ulcerrhoea cover. Limited to 250 copies!! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left


-Blue Holocaust / Embryonic Cryptopathia, 7” split EP between this two very sick bands from France and the USA. You can’t be wrong with that! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Intestinal Disgorge / Lincoln Love Log, 7” split EP. Ultra gore grind and sludgy mid tempo gore madness. Comes on shitty brown vinyl… 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Urine Festival / Faeces Eruption, 7” split EP. No more words… The toilet found his heros. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left


-Brigata Resistenza, “Se quesct l’è mia folklor…”, 2004. Full length demo tape. Folkisch Punk! Very raw and old school quality. Recorded in the “Locale della Brigata” in Comologno in the first months of 2004. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro
2x Left!!

-Eternal Mystery VS Insomnia Isterica, split tape 2008. Ultra vibrating and smashing grind attack from the US and Switzerland. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro

-Cannibe VS Goryvomit, “Horrible Experimental” VS “Dawn Of The Corpse, Night Of The Cannibal”, split tape between this two crazy bands hailing from Italy and Thailand. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro
1x Left

-Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium VS Damage Digital, great split tape produced by Extreme Terror Production. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro
3x Left

-Nieu Dieu Nieu Maitre / Cü Sujo / Merda / Fratelli / Chaka / Dordeouvido / Estorvo /Exumados, 8 way split tape with grind, crust and fastcore acts hailing from Brazil. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro
2x Left

-Impureza, “Inquisition Demos”, Death fucking metal from France containing the 3 demos of this great band. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro

-The Communion / Krupskaya, great split with bands from the US and UK. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro
2x Left

-Hate Corrosion / Japura Noise Project / Instantaneo Momento De Loucura / Monstromorgue, 4 way split with the first 3 bands grinding from Brazil and the 4th from France. 4 Fr / 2,50 €uro
1x Left


-Brigata Resistenza, “Live at La Lanca”. Video shooted by the amazing Super Mister Pfister for the Oltretomba Productions in May 2004. 8 Fr / 4,50 €uro

-Huere Fattoni, “Live a Biaska”, DVD shooted by Fabian Renfer and edited by GTH, 2005. 8 Fr / 4,50 €uro

-Brutal Martyrium, “Live at Härdöpfelstock”, 2005. DVD shooted by ?? and edited by ATB. Not available

-Brutal Martyrium, “Live at Elements Of Rock and some shit with friends from Ticino”, 2006. DVD shooted, edited and produced by GTH. Not available


Link and Contacts:
Official Website:
Address: Attilio Rizzoli – Badenerstr. 649 – 8048 Zürich – Switzerland

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